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Snappy Salads

Brian and I got to try Snappy Salads for the first time yesterday. Thank you Sheryll and Clayton for taking us!

This would be a great fit for Wichita because we don’t have anything like it. The closest thing that I could think of is Doc Greens, but it’s still not the same. Brian said that the prices are less and a single bowl of salad can easily feed two people so it’s an excellent value.

Here’s an oxymoron for you.. Snappy Salads is a healthy fast food restaurant. It’s like a fast food joint that primarily serves salads. Wow. How often to do you get to read/hear those works together? Snappy Salads is basically a “build your own” salad joint. Think Subway or Chipotle, where you decide what goes in your food. They offer lots of ingredients and dressing options (so you can make your salad creation as healthy or unhealthy as you like). They also have soups and customizable baked potatoes.

Someone needs to open a place like this in Wichita. I think it would be a hit. We need more healthy options for dining out. If we did, I think John will probably let me eat out more than twice a month. LOL.

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