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Bella Luna Cafe – Bradley Fair

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We’d lived in close proximity to the Bradley Fair Bella Luna Cafe location for several years and had never been there until last night. Man, we’d been missing out! I can’t believe it took Carla’s birthday to get us out there.

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Carla had the chicken carbonara. It looked so delicious!

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Brian and I decided to split something so as to keep me from over-eating and not have a repeat of last Saturday. I had some of Jenni’s hummus shawarmah (it’s misspelled on the Bella Luna menu) and ate half of Brian’s chicken shawarmah and some fries. It was just the right amount of food for me.

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I saw that Bella Luna had Georgia peach on their drink menu also, so I tried it. I was curious how it compared to the same drink at YaYa’s. I have to say that I prefer the YaYa’s version, even though it’s more expensive — $10 vs. $8. It’s definitely worthy of the $2 premium. Though, I think the hummus and the carbonara at Bella Luna are probably better.

I’m really glad that we finally got the opportunity to check it out. We’d only ever been to the East Central Bella Luna Cafe location and that was several years ago. It’s really nice to know that the one that is within walking distance of our place is just as good. Brian and I are already planning our next trip back.

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