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Oh Yeah China Bistro

I should put “Oh Yeah” in all of my blog posts. LOL. Kidding aside, “Oh Yeah” is actually the name of the restaurant in this case. It used to be called Zen Vegetarian, this awesome vegetarian restaurant in town. They’ve decided to broaden their horizons and offer meat dishes as well. They also have wine and alcoholic beverages now, which is a winning combination. Before you had all this great food, but couldn’t have an adult beverage. Now, you can have both at the same place.

I took one of my coworkers there to lunch the other day and it was great. I remembered their food being so yummy that you didn’t realize you were eating vegetarian fare. I couldn’t really imagine what the same food would taste like with meat in them. I was not disappointed. It’s like nirvana in your mouth!

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One of the best things about Zen was the extensive selection of juices. Oh Yeah continues this tradition. I know a lot of people really pushed for them to offer alcoholic beverages but, honestly — just between you and me (and the rest of the interweb, I suppose) — who needs wine or beer when you can have a delicious fruity concoction from their extensive non-alcoholic drink menu? They have a page’s worth of drinks from regular fruit juices to smoothies to boba teas, and just about everything else (e.g. soda, etc.) that you would get at other places.

My friend and I ordered some boba teas. She had the coconut milk tea and I had the mango milk tea. You all know how much I love mango juice. And I have a special place in my heart for bobas because I had them in the Philippines growing up. We called them sago, though. I think it is the same thing. The texture and flavor are similar so it’s got to be the same thing, just named differently. I love bobas because they’re not only yummy, but they also feel good in your mouth. Nom, nom, nom.

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Their lunch combinations are a pretty good value. You get your entree with cream cheese rangoon, egg roll, vegetable tempura and your choice of soup. Not bad for about $9. Their lunch portions are huge also, so a couple of people can actually share. If you skip drinks and share your meal, then a couple of people could actually eat for about $10 (after taxes but before gratuity). Anyway, I’m looking forward to taking Brian there soon. 🙂

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