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GC Patio Night

2011-07-26 18.44.23.jpg

Brian and I broke our vow of not eating out (again) on Tuesday night so that we could watch Charles Withers perform on the patio at Granite City East.

We decided to walk to the restaurant, which was great in theory, but not so much in execution. It was really hot! We were both sweaty by the time we got to the restaurant. Not from the long walk (because our place is really close to the restaurant) but from the heat. Wow!

2011-07-26 18.55.41.jpg

When we break our diet, we pretty much go all out. LOL.

2011-07-26 19.09.59.jpg

Brian liked his burrito, but couldn’t finish it.

2011-07-26 19.11.17.jpg

I usually get the Mediterranean chicken because I’m lame.

2011-07-26 20.16.15.jpg

Misty got the salmon. It looked really yummy. I wish I would have gotten it. JW says that the BBQ chicken flatbread pizza is really good there. I guess we will have to try it next time.

Speaking of next time, Charles Withers will be back at GC East again on August 9. You all should go check him out. He’s awesome!

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