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Press Wine & Cocktails

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We got to check out Press tonight. It’s definitely a drinking establishment because the food options are rather limited. Although, the options available, I liked very much. Check out some of the things we had below.

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Hummus and pita…

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I had the red sangria and Misty had the white. It was a little high for sangria ($9 for that little glass) so I only had one. The sangria at Bonefish and Carrabba’s (get the blackberry one, it’s awesome) are both better, and cheaper too. The red sangria at Abuelo’s isn’t bad either. And, unless their prices have gone up, you can get an entire carafe of it for a measly $10.


I thought the grilled shrimp was delicious. Misty liked it, too. She liked it so much that she ordered it twice!

Misty ordered the sliders and was disappointed to discover that you only got two. I can relate because I had the same feeling when I was at Sand Bar & Grille at Martha’s Vineyard. They only gave me one crab cake and I expected at least a couple. It was quite an expensive single crab cake. LOL.

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The fries were really good. We actually ordered it twice because we went through the first batch pretty quickly. The second batch was not as good as the first, though.

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I really enjoyed the salmon cakes at Press. They were very good. I debated on ordering them again.

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Brian and decided we should try something else out on the menu so we got the house pasta, which was good, but the portion that you get for $12 is quite small. If you want to eat pasta, might as well just go to an Italian restaurant like Carrabba’s or something where you can get more for your money.


As far as tapas go, though. I think Press nails it. If you’re expecting to eat food, you will be disappointed because the food menu is limited. If you’re expecting to go drinking and have some food on the side, their tapas selection is actually quite good. The verdict? Don’t come here for dinner. Come for drinks.

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