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Misty’s Birthday Treat

2011-07-12 17.42.53.jpg

Brian and I took Misty out to dinner tonight for her birthday. Guess where.

2011-07-12 17.43.27.jpg

Where else?

2011-07-12 17.45.28.jpg

The Wasabi Roll is delicious. You guys have to get it next time you’re at Wasabi.

2011-07-12 17.42.03.jpg

I wanted dessert afterwards. Hey, if I’m going to cheat, might as well go all out, right? LOL. Brian vetoed the mochi, though. We ended up going to Cocoa Dolce for gelato instead. Misty had never been there before.

2011-07-12 18.49.33.jpg

2011-07-12 18.48.22.jpg

Brian found out that they do wine and chocolate pairings so I think he wants to return for that soon. We’ll have to come up with a “special” occasion, though, as we’re technically not supposed to eat out more than once or twice a month. And, after eating out two to three times a day during our trip, we vowed that we wouldn’t eat out at all when we returned. Our resolve was tested over the weekend and we resisted. We had to take Misty out for her birthday, though.

Happy birthday, girl!

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