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Il Panino Express

You know how you’re supposed to ask the locals where to eat, right? Well, we asked the lady at Boston Gliders where to eat and she recommended “Trattoria Il Panino” next to the Connah Store. Like corner store, except the word corner is spelled C-O-N-N-A-H.

We walked by it the first time around (but we didn’t see the Connah Store). I said, “I think this is it.” Becca was convinced that the girl said “Astoria” something. So we walked all around the North End looking for a place called “Astoria” to no avail. We’d pretty much given up and were ready to eat anywhere when it started pouring so we sough shelter in one of the entry ways. While we were waiting for the rain to subside we got to talking about where to eat and how we just wanted to eat somewhere at this point.

The woman who was in the shelter with us pointed to this restaurant “Express” that is cater corner from where we were. She said that she’d eaten there before and it was pretty good. We were so ready to eat at this point that we were like, “Done!”

Anyway, it’s not like you can go wrong when you’re in the North End. I’ve heard that the food is good just about anywhere you go.

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Jeff said that his chicken noodle soup was really good. It had big hunks of chicken in it. I wish I would have ordered some too.

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Brian really liked the lasagna. I wasn’t that impressed with it. Everyone else really liked their food, though.

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As we were enjoying our meal, we happened to look outside and saw the sign for the Connah Store across the street. Next to it was the regular “Trattoria Il Panino” restaurant and the restaurant we were in was the “Il Panino Express” – a more casual version. That’s when we realized that we found the place that the lady at Boston Gliders told us about after all. It took us a while to get there and we pretty much gave up, but we ended up at the right place anyway. LOL!

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