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The Paramount in Beacon Hill

Becca read about The Paramount so she wanted to check it out. She said it had rave reviews. The downside is that she didn’t know how to get there so we ended up taking a cab. It cost about $15. I thought to myself, this food better be good because we already spent the cost of a meal right off the bat. When we got there, the line was out the door. I’d say it was probably an hour long wait to place your food order. This food better be good, I thought to myself again.

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This is us, waiting in line outside the restaurant…

2011-07-03 10.09.39.jpg

Then waiting in line inside…

2011-07-03 10.09.08.jpg

The line actually snakes up and then back. That’s how long it is!

2011-07-03 10.22.06.jpg

Almost there…

2011-07-03 10.42.57.jpg

If there is a line, there’s usually good food at the end of it. Either that or free stuff. LOL. So we waited patiently until it was our turn to order. I took the opportunity to take some pictures while we were waiting in line.

2011-07-03 10.41.16.jpg

What you see here is a batch of the best home fries ever.

2011-07-03 10.44.44.jpg

…and these are some really good pancakes.

2011-07-03 10.45.48.jpg

I think we lucked out because by the time we placed our order, the line was even longer! Holy cow!

2011-07-03 10.52.24.jpg

I usually don’t like pancakes but I made the exception in this case because the pancakes they were making looked so delicious. I got chocolate chip ones ($8).

2011-07-03 10.50.55.jpg

After my side of applewood smoked bacon ($3 extra) and Vermont maple syrup ($2 extra) and my freshly-squeezed orange juice ($4), my breakfast cost a whopping $17. Considering how much cab fare cost, it was quite an expensive meal. I thought it was anyway, but it was worth every penny. My breakfast was super delicious! I made a super happy plate!

2011-07-03 10.51.59.jpg

Brian had two eggs, two turkey sausage patties, home fries and toast. After a taste of the home fries, I immediately regretted not getting some. Needless to say, our breakfast bill was quite a bit.

2011-07-03 10.55.14.jpg

Becca had an omelet, home fries and toast.

2011-07-03 10.55.39.jpg

I think Jay got the best value out of everyone. Would you believe this huge breakfast sandwich and home fries meal only cost $5? So definitely when you eat here, you’ll want to try the French toast and and specialty pancakes and all of that yummy stuff. However, if you want the best value then try one of the breakfast sandwiches. They are delicious, too. Jay said that the bagel they use is really good.

2011-07-06 11.38.42.jpg

We liked The Paramount so much that we decided to eat there again on our final day in Boston. I scoped it out ahead of time, though, so we didn’t have to spend another $15 on a cab. We basically got on the T at Central Square and then got off at Charles/MGH and the restaurant was just a 5-minute walk from there. It was a Wednesday so the line wasn’t as long this time. As you can see, it was still quite a line though.

2011-07-06 11.49.43.jpg

We got there later than usual (thankfully, they serve breakfast pretty much all day – until 4:30 pm) so we could still get our breakfast. Although, they were out of bagels by the time Brian and I put in our orders. Jay got the very last one!

2011-07-06 11.50.02.jpg

Becca got a BLT. She wasn’t too fond of the bread, though.

2011-07-06 11.50.28.jpg

2011-07-06 11.51.17.jpg

Brian and I really wanted breakfast sandwiches so we ended up having them put our sandwich in the white bread that they use to make French toast. It is a little sweet, but it actually worked out great. I think maybe Becca could have asked them to put her BLT on that bread instead and it would have turned out much better.

Anyway, we were smarter the second time around. Since Brian and I both got breakfast sandwiches and shared a glass of orange juice, our breakfast only cost us $15. Woot! And I even got my own home fries this time!

If you are ever in the Boston area, The Paramount in Beacon Hill is not to be missed. It’s just off the Charles/MGH T station. Go there and thank me later.

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