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Fantastic Dinner at Highlands






Brian and I had dinner at Highlands last Friday before playing poker. We had my favorite, St. Augustine wings, an order each of regular potato fries and yam fries. The wings were different this time. They were the full-sized wings, the kind Angie likes. Supposedly, these are better but I much preferred the little wings because they are easier to eat. The flavor, as always, is fantastic.

The regular fries were perfect also. They were skinny and crunchy and not greasy. The yam fries were good too, but they were not done as well as the regular fries. I wondered if they were made by two different cooks. I wish that I could get Brian into yam fries like I’ve gotten him into sushi. Maybe in a couple of years he’ll have a change of heart?

I’m really glad that they have their liquor license now because I like to imbibe while dining. I had two fuzzy navels (the second one was much stronger than the first) and then Kurt came by with a shot of some kind of 100 proof rootbeer flavored liquor. It was way too strong for me. Brian managed to pass it off to Shane who handles that stuff better than I do.

I managed to talk Brian into buying me a white Russian to nurse while playing poker. Maybe that was the difference for me that night? I must play better when I’m drinking? LOL. I doubt Brian will ever buy that line of reasoning.

Jen (Shane’s wife) and Kathy (Kurt’s wife) came to Highlands for dinner that night and we also ran into Vic and Jen as well as Scott and Sunny. It was like a pseudo cruise reunion. Sunny took some fab pictures as always. I would link to the post in her blog, but it doesn’t support permalinks for some reason.

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