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Speaking of Kid-Friendly

French Girl shared a good brownie recipe on her blog. I should have just stolen that recipe and put it on the recipe card for Rogie’s baby shower. As it was, I had to surf the web for one.


By the way, we got to check out the new City Bites location last week. That’s a nice kid-friendly place. They kept all of the signature quirks of the old place like the rhino face, the ants on the wall, the street signs, and the wrecking ball hanging from the ceiling that perpetually goes back and forth.

Naturally, I had to check out the restroom. The two-way mirror in the restrooms was something that City Bites has always been known for. Their new place is a lot smaller than the old one and so the restrooms were a lot smaller also. Instead of multiple stalls, they now just have one restroom so only one person can be in there at a time. They kept the two-way mirror idea, but the window is small. The restroom is definitely not as interesting as the one at their old place.


The food hasn’t changed. It’s still pretty good. The place is quite small, though, so if you go during one of their busy times then there’s nowhere to sit.


The new location is nice, with the East side of town expanding and everything, but it is a significant down-sizing. Of course, it always looks better when you are packed than when there are lots of empty tables and it’s much easier to keep a smaller place packed.

Follow this link for more pictures of City Bites’ new location.

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