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Mike’s Wine Dive

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Mom treated Jenni, Brian and me out to dinner at Mike’s Wine Dive last night for Brian’s birthday. It was yummy!

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I had their famous mac and cheese. It’s got lobster, shrimp and crab meat and is absolutely delicious. I really wanted to eat the entire bowl even though it was more than I could manage. It doesn’t look like much, but is actually quite filling.

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Brian had the Cuban, but he said it wasn’t as good as the last time.

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Mom had the grilled chicken pasta dish and Jenni had a steak sandwich.

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Everything looked delicious. Even Brian’s Cuban, which he wasn’t all that impressed with this time around. What is it about restaurants? They are fantastic when they first open, but then the quality of the food starts to diminish over time. I didn’t even bother to take a picture of the chocolate bag this time because it was smaller than I remembered. Actually, my phone ran out of battery. Jenni took a picture of it, though. She’s supposed to send it to me, but I haven’t got it yet.

The mac and cheese is still very good, though. I’m going to get it again next time we are back. Although, we’re not supposed to be eating out so much anymore. Dining out more than twice a month is really not conducive to losing weight. =P

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