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Good Nutrition Continues to be a Challenge

Last weekend it was Wichita River Festival, this weekend it was the Symphony in the Flint Hills. Every weekend there seems to be an obstacle. Blech.


Today’s challenge was The Friendly Cooker in Wamego. Brian and I like checking out these mom and pop joints and just couldn’t pass it up. The Friendly Cooker reminds me of the little diner that we ate at in Peabody a few years ago.



I had bacon and eggs and hash browns and toast for breakfast. I didn’t care much for the hash browns, which were quite mushy. The bacon was good, though.


Brian ordered his usual. He gets the same thing at every diner/restaurant serving breakfast: biscuits and gravy, eggs over hard, and potatoes.


His country potatoes were really good. I kind of wished that I’d asked for those instead. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

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