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Doc Green’s is Growing on Me

We went out to eat (again), against my better judgment. But then, we had a visitor. Minette, who I met last month when she trained us on the eMeter software at work, was back in town. I told mom about her after our training and so I really wanted the two of them to meet on this trip. Not sure when she’ll be back again, so I’m really glad that things worked out tonight.

I’m also really glad that Minette likes Zumba, so I didn’t have to make a tough choice between dinner and Zumba. You all know I’m addicted to Zumba and really hate missing. Minette was actually pretty excited to do Zumba with us. (Thanks, Gina Ann!) We went to dinner at Doc Green’s afterwards. Of course, we really wanted monggo… Mom didn’t have enough notice, though. I’m really glad we got to visit without giving up Zumba.

Here are pictures of our food… Can you tell who got what?

2011-06-01 20.24.40.jpg

2011-06-01 20.30.47.jpg

2011-06-01 20.32.33.jpg

2011-06-01 20.34.08.jpg

2011-06-01 20.35.40.jpg

I’m beginning to really, really like Doc Green’s. I like that there are so may choices and most of them are pretty healthy. I also like that kids eat free on Wednesdays, so it’s actually a great value for those with little ones. Brian wants to set aside a Tuesday and attend one of their wine events. I think the best part is that we can indulge and then just walk home. LOL. We have to wait until next month, though, because they only have it every second Tuesday of the month and I already have an appointment with John for next week.

So the next one is July 12. Anyone want to go?

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