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Lunch at Hikari Japanese Steakhouse

2011-05-15 12.50.34.jpg

Brian and I had lunch at Hikari Japanese Steakhouse in Overland Park on the way home. The food was okay, but not half as good any of the hibachi restaurants in town. This place actually made me appreciate Sumo. LOL.

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Brian and I didn’t touch our salad. I don’t really like the ginger dressing so I don’t ever eat salads at Japanese restaurants. Besides, these didn’t look very good. Brian had a bit of the miso soup. It looked like water. After a couple of sips, I decided it tasted like water too. I barely had any flavor.

2011-05-15 13.17.53.jpg

Brian always orders chicken and I always order shrimp. I was actually worried about my choice. I mean, how can you mess up miso? What if they mess up my shrimp too and then I get sick from it? I decided to be brave and take my chances. After all, the food was going to be cooked in front of me. If it looks undercooked, I can always politely ask for mine to be cooked a bit more.

2011-05-15 13.29.39.jpg

The rest of our food was at least edible. And, neither of us are sick so I guess that’s a good thing… Knock on wood. I think I will have to take Brian to Sumo to make up for this lunch fiasco. LOL.

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