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The World is Against Me

Reason #42 to love Louie’s: The customer service is fantastic!

Brian and I decided to eat at Louie’s before driving to KC yesterday because it’s conveniently located next to the gas station, their sandwiches are great, the prices are right, the people are friendly and I had a Groupon that was about to expire in a few weeks. LOL. The sandwiches are nothing like Chef Jason’s gourmet sandwiches at Taste & See, but they do in a pinch.

What I love most about Louie’s is their friendly staff. When you enter the door, you have all these smiling faces greeting you and making you feel welcome. I really, really like that. Even though they were busy with several graduation parties (and maybe a birthday party too), they were not grouchy at all.

Brian ordered a turkey wrap with a side of fries and I ordered their grilled chicken sandwich with a side of fruit. John Wilborn said to stay away from fries, so I was heeding his advice and trying to be good.

2011-05-14 12.56.37.jpg

As soon as our food came out, I caved. I’d forgotten that they serve the skinny, crunchy fries that I like so much. Ugh. I ended up having one piece, all the while blathering on about how much I love the fries and resisting the urge to have another. I couldn’t resist so I had another piece and told Brian that was it. I had two fries, I was not having any more.

2011-05-14 12.57.01.jpg

I proceeded to attack my fruit cup and sandwich with a passion. Part of me regretted not ordering fries as my side item, but the other part was relieved that I didn’t because I would have ate every single bit of it. As I’m engaged in this internal turmoil and dining melodrama, along comes this woman (I think she is the manager because she had the confidence and aura of one who was in charge) with a basket of those delicious fries.

“I heard you say how much you like them,” she said smiling.

“I do love them, but I’m not supposed to have any.” The world is against me.

“I can take them back,” she joked.

“No it’s okay, he (pointing at Brian) will eat them.”

Guess what. I ate half the basket. I have no will power whatsoever. It’s pathetic. I love, love, love Louie’s and would eat there everyday if I could; but I’m quickly beginning to realize that Louie’s is to me like a playground is to a pedophile. I just need to stay as far away as possible. LOL.

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