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Taste & See

Why have I never been here? That’s what I wondered, but glad that I finally got to try it. Thanks to Gina Ann and baby Carolyn for meeting us at Taste & See the other day. (Kudos to Gina for making it even on such short notice.)

2011-05-10 12.12.32.jpg

2011-05-10 12.13.13.jpg

Obligatory food pictures…

2011-05-10 12.13.59.jpg

Carolyn’s special sandwich. Chef Jason made it special, though it wasn’t on the menu.

2011-05-10 12.15.44.jpg

Gina’s country club. I was going to get that actually.

2011-05-10 12.16.15.jpg

I got the chicken shawarma instead.

2011-05-10 12.15.11.jpg

Brian’s Cuban sandwich was really good. I think I will get that next time. The sweet potato fries were awesome. They were so good that even Brian, who doesn’t normally eat sweet potato fries, liked them.

2011-05-10 12.41.31.jpg

Chef Jason Febres is amazing! I love his food no matter where he is. 🙂

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