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Delicious Lunch at Bel Ami

Brian and I had lunch with one of his coworkers on Thursday before he left Wichita to return to Miami. Check out the pictures of our delicious food…

2011-04-14 11.40.02.jpg

2011-04-14 11.39.35.jpg

2011-04-14 11.39.07.jpg

Guess which plate is mine. LOL. It’s too easy because I always order the same thing.

That night, Brian shared with me a conversation that he and his coworker had after lunch.

TOBY: [with sexy accent] Your wife is very sweet and incredibly beautiful. You are a very lucky man.

BRIAN: [with sarcasm] Wait till you get to know her.

Gee thanks, babe! Anyway, bonus points for Toby. You’ve moved up the list and are now officially my #1 favorite of all of Brian’s coworkers. 🙂

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