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La Bamba Cafe

2011-03-17 11.37.07.jpg

Brian and I forgot our lunches the other day so we decided to try a place that we always drive by (because it’s down the street from my work) but have never tried before — La Bamba Cafe on Broadway.

2011-03-17 11.36.38.jpg

2011-03-17 11.32.41.jpg

I thought the food wasn’t bad, but Brian didn’t like it.

2011-03-17 11.54.55.jpg

2011-03-17 11.55.18.jpg

It’s not really as a great as the other Mexican restaurants in town, but they do serve breakfast (which is a plus). The convenient downtown location is great also. I’m not sure that we’ll return, though, since Brian wasn’t impressed.

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