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Papa Murphy’s

2011-03-05 18.00.31.jpg

What Brian likes best about Papa Murphy’s is that you can watch while they make the pizza. He’s always paranoid that people will do funny stuff to his food so he prefers it when he can see the food prep take place.

2011-03-05 18.01.12.jpg

Actually, the open kitchen concept at 715 Restaurant is one of the reasons we really liked it. As much as possible, we prefer to dine at places where you can see what’s going on in the kitchen. Although, we should really eat at home more.

2011-03-05 18.35.39.jpg

We had half and half pizza: half Herb Chicken Mediterranean and half Chicken Bacon Artichoke, which is my new favorite. Both were really yummy.

2011-03-05 18.36.15.jpg

Brian wanted cheesy bread, so we got that and a cinnamon wheel also.

2011-03-05 18.44.34.jpg

The cinnamon wheel was good, but I prefer the S’mores dessert pizza better.

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