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The Good Egg

The Good Egg was my reward after doing both Jenni’s step class at Andover YMCA and Gina Ann’s Zumba class at East Central Genesis. I didn’t realize that I could actually make both classes. Now that I know this, my Saturdays will never be the same ever again. That is, until my Groupon runs out. LOL.

2011-02-26 12.00.55.jpg

This is Brian making his breakfast gumbo.

2011-02-26 12.01.51.jpg


2011-02-26 12.00.18.jpg


2011-02-26 12.01.30.jpg

My yummy omelet…

2011-02-26 12.00.40.jpg

Breakfast was pretty good. The Good Egg did not disappoint. Well, except for the fact that they ran out of hot chocolate. I’m not sure how that happens. =P

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