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That’s Not Angel Hair

Becca brought Jay over for a “play date” with Brian last weekend. Before the gaming commenced, the guys made us dinner.

2011-02-20 20.02.08.jpg

Brian picked up this garlic bread at Target. It was actually pretty good. Specially since we used herbs and olive oil in lieu of plain, old butter.

2011-02-20 20.09.45.jpg

The Dills brought over all the ingredients and Jay did most of the cooking, which is good because he’s actually a great cook.

2011-02-20 20.02.53.jpg

The funny thing is that Becca immediately noticed that there was something off about the pasta when we sat down to eat.

2011-02-20 20.07.09.jpg

She said “That’s not angel hair.”

“No. It’s spaghetti,” I replied because I thought that was the plan. The guys said they were making spaghetti.

“Yes, but we brought angel hair.”

“What happened to the angel hair?”

“I told you they would notice,” Jay chimed in. “Do you want to tell them or do you want me to?”

Apparently the angel hair went straight into the garbage disposal due to a straining mishap. Jay wanted to save it, but Brian knew it was too late and convinced him otherwise. Good thing we had a box of spaghetti on hand.

I was like, “No wonder it took so long to have dinner ready!”

At least no one had to run back to the supermarket.

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One Response to “That’s Not Angel Hair”

  1. February 26th, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Brian and Jay’s Play Date : Life After Marriage says:

    […] Although, the guys were drinking wine while playing video games. Jay and Brian are probably the most sophisticated gaming nerds I’ve ever met. They’ve traded the obligatory Mountain Dew and day old pizza for a shiraz-cab blend and spaghetti (but really it should have been angel hair with meat sauce). […]

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