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Brian and I finally had a chance to check out BOSSA Grill on North Rock Road, and we were not all that impressed.

2011-02-18 17.39.06.jpg

This is what the place looked like at 6 PM on a Friday night. If they don’t get much traffic on a Friday night, I shudder to see what it’s like on a regular week night. After we got our food, we realized why.

2011-02-18 17.38.22.jpg

Brian had the BOSSA chicken with fries and a Caesar salad.

2011-02-18 17.51.28.jpg

I liked the stuffed chicken, but their salad and fries were not anything special.

2011-02-18 17.52.05.jpg

I had the beef medallions with their Marsala sauce. I should have ordered what Brian had, because I liked my meal even less than his. Oh, well.

2011-02-18 17.56.25.jpg

We probably won’t be back.

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