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We Were Very Bad This Weekend

2011-09-05 19.55.03.jpg

As if pigging out over Labor Day weekend weren’t bad enough, Brian and I had our first ice cream in several weeks by sharing a banana split at Baskin Robbins. We were originally going to ride our bikes over, but the tires were flat. We’ve yet to ride the bikes this year. 🙁

Some Orange Leaf Cherries Were Popped This Weekend

2011-01-22 15.44.19.jpg

When April asked if we wanted to meet them at Orange Leaf on Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t say no.

2011-01-22 14.50.03.jpg

Brian had never been there so this was a great opportunity for him to try their frozen yogurt. I think it was Cory’s first time as well.

2011-01-22 15.29.48.jpg

2011-01-22 14.50.52.jpg

2011-01-22 15.04.12.jpg

2011-01-22 15.26.28.jpg

2011-01-22 15.18.45.jpg

2011-01-22 15.14.26.jpg

2011-01-22 15.17.06.jpg

2011-01-22 15.15.31.jpg

2011-01-22 15.04.43.jpg

2011-01-22 14.52.30.jpg

2011-01-22 14.52.48.jpg

2011-01-22 14.51.34.jpg

2011-01-22 14.53.17.jpg

I have a feeling we’ll be back.

More Ghirardelli

We had the best sundae ever at Ghirardelli!

best sundae ever

This is a photo of Jay and Becca’s. Brian and I got ours in a “to go” cup so it didn’t look as pretty. I wish we had a Ghirardelli here. That sundae is definitely worth going back for! LOL.




This is Brian post sugar high. LOL.


Maybe next time we’ll get the gigantic platter of ice cream.

Gigantic Sundae at Ghirardelli


This gigantic plate of ice cream at Ghirardelli looked like it could devour someone. LOL.

This Ain’t No Baskin Robbins



Mitchells 2


Pia took us to this awesome ice cream shop called Mitchell’s. I think we were lucky that it was February. I had read somewhere that in the summer the line goes on for blocks. LOL.

I think the draw is all of the exotic tropical flavors. They have ube, mango, and macapuno ice cream; and a plethora of others. Brian and I wondered if the ice cream shop is owned by Filipinos because of all the Filipino ice cream flavors.

I think the closest thing we have to Mitchell’s around these parts is Baskin Robbins. When I told Pia that Mitchell’s makes me think of Baskin Robbins, she made a face and said “This is a one of kind ice cream shop!”

Mitchell's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

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