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Bang Wednesday at Bonefish

Had a great dinner at Bonefish with Misty, Cari, Stacy and Brian. Love, love, love Bang Wednesdays!

BTW, Brian and I finally got to try the chocolate creme brulee. We’ve been leery about trying it because it’s infused with Gran Marnier and we were always afraid that Brian would have a negative physical reaction. He managed to get a few bites before it started. He said it was worth it. I have to great. Best creme brulee ever!

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After Brian helped me clean my office on Saturday, I rewarded him by taking him to Wasabi for a late lunch. The cleaning and organizing took longer than we anticipated, so we didn’t get to eat until 1:30 pm. We didn’t even completely finish, but had to give up because his blood sugar was about to bottom out. Yes, my office was that messy.

Anyway, when I checked in to Wasabi on FourSquare, it said that I hadn’t been there since July 2011. That was really impressive. As much as we loved eating sushi at Wasabi, we managed to stay away for six months. I guess when we say that “we’re not eating out” we really mean it. Wow.

Now let’s see if we can make it another six months without going back. =P

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This Ain’t No IHOP II

I put II because I’ve used this title before. LOL. Brian and I had brunch with Anthony at Succotash on Sunday. I have no idea what that word even means but, to me, it’s become synonymous with fantastic food.

2012-01-22 12.28.06.jpg

The restaurant is located in downtown Kansas City. It doesn’t look like much from the outside. Brian and I actually started to wonder where Anthony was taking us on the drive up. The area is not the best. LOL. Although, after tasting their food, I’m really glad that Anthony suggested it.

2012-01-22 11.08.16.jpg

Our friend Anthony…

2012-01-22 11.21.10.jpg

Thanks for introducing us to a new and unique restaurant, Anthony!

2012-01-22 11.21.41.jpg

The food at Succotash is almost as quirky as their decor.

2012-01-22 11.29.42.jpg

Me and Brian at Succotash

2012-01-22 11.27.17.jpg

They serve freshly squeezed juices that are so delicious you don’t even realize your drinking vegetable juice. Brian and Anthony had the “ninja sunrise” which consists of carrot, orange, grapefruit, ginger, and beet juices.

2012-01-22 11.38.24.jpg

I had the “best lemonade” which is made with apples, pineapples, cucumber, a hint of ginger, and fresh lemons of course.

2012-01-22 11.41.54.jpg

With so many interesting things to pick from on the menu, it was difficult to decide what to order.

2012-01-22 11.28.25.jpg

While I was trying to make a decision, our server offered me a “sample” of their chocolate chip pancakes for only $2. It was a generous sample. I think I could have just ordered that for breakfast and been done. LOL.

2012-01-22 11.42.32.jpg

I ate the entire pancake and didn’t stop there. It was “cheat” weekend and I was determined to take advantage, so I ordered pigs in a blanket. Naturally, because I’m a little piglet, I ate almost all of it too.

2012-01-22 11.45.32.jpg

Anthony ordered Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, two eggs, and bacon. He’s vegetarian so I got to eat his bacon.

2012-01-22 11.44.31.jpg

Brian had the burrito of love, which he said was very good and very filling. It doesn’t look like much from this picture, but Brian said it was yummy.

2012-01-22 11.45.04.jpg

This is what a bite of it looks like.

2012-01-22 11.49.16.jpg

I was tempted to order their signature 8-layer cake but, after my chocolate pancake and pigs in a blanket, I’d had enough. I could not eat another bite. I guess we’ll just have to go back for a slice of 8-layer cake next time.

2012-01-22 11.54.18.jpg

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Pre-Movie Munchies at Sabor

The sancocho soup at Sabor. It is one of my favorite soups in the whole wide world.

2012-01-18 17.11.51.jpg

I had it for the first time when we treated Jenni and Rene to birthday dinner at Sabor last month and have been hooked ever since.

2012-01-18 17.10.21.jpg

Brian ordered some empanadas which were delicious also. You know what I just realized? I forgot to use the gift certificate for Sabor that Cory and April gave us. Now we have to go back! LOL.

Thanks for the gift certificate, Cory and April!! You guys are the best.

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Tsunami – It’s Been Forever

I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since we’ve last dined at Tsunami. I remember we used to go there all the time when they first opened their doors. I think we were there at least once a week sometime two or three times, specially on days we didn’t feel like cooking anything (which happened a lot back in the day).

2012-01-02 16.00.38.jpg

Today we had the shrimp salad rolls with peanut sauce. Well, this was mostly for me actually. Brian is not too fond of the salad rolls.

2012-01-02 15.59.55.jpg

He had more than enough food though, as the portions at Tsunami are huge. This is his teriyaki chicken, which was enough to feed two people.

2012-01-02 16.01.09.jpg

When my pho came out, I remembered why I absolutely loved going to Tsunami. Their pho is possibly the best in town. They have the best boba teas and shakes too. Although Brian and I both opted for just water with our meals so as not to add more calories than necessary.

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Speaking of eating out, this is it for us for the month of January. If we’re tempted to eat out again this month, please do not hesitate to remind us that we ate at Tsunami today and we’ve already maxed out our eating out quota. As it is, we’ll probably end up eating fast food on the drive up to Kansas City for Elizabeth and Robby’s wedding at the end of the month so we really can’t afford any further deviations from our dietary plan.

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