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I No Longer Blog Here – Goodbye!

I just want to give everyone a heads up that I will no longer be maintaining this blog. First, it gets way too much spam and I can’t keep up with removing all of them. Second, the domain name expires later this year and I’ve decided to just let it expire instead of renewing it. This will help me save some valuable money, which will now be going toward my Zumba addiction. Also, my schedule has gotten super hectic of late and I can no longer keep up with multiple blogs. Please head over to Life After Marriage (which will be renamed later this year) to see what Brian and I are up to lately.

Tapas Part II

2012-03-09 20.32.36.jpg

Met Carla and Paul for tapas at Oeno on Friday night. Jenni joined us, too.

2012-03-09 19.15.41.jpg

I finally got to try the baked lavosh, which Jenni tried to order the previous week, but they were out. I’m glad they had some this time. The lavosh was yummy!

2012-03-09 19.23.06.jpg

We also had the spinach dip. It was yummy the last time, so we ordered it again. We also had the pork skewers this time, but Brian did not like them. I thought they were delicious until I noticed that they were pink in the middle, and I like all my meats well done. Brian, on the other hand, didn’t like the flavor at all.

2012-03-09 20.35.11.jpg

Carla had the strawberry dessert, which she said was very yummy. I wanted dessert too, but Brian was watching out for me and wouldn’t let me have any. I don’t know how Carla and Jenni do it. It’s completely unfair!

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Finally Got to Try AVI at the Broadview

2012-03-09 13.14.09.jpg

I finally got to try AVI Seabar and Chophouse inside the Broadview Hotel downtown. Brian went there a few weeks ago with some coworkers. He thought it was really good so he wanted me to try it too. We had the opportunity to have lunch together yesterday after his training class so that is where we went.

I’m so glad that I got to try it because it’s great food at a reasonable price. Brian got the croque madame ($8), which is like a ham sandwich with gravy and fried egg. He likes their fries with truffle oil too. Brian loves their fries, though I’m not a big fan. I had a few bites of the sandwich and loved it, though. I thought it was possibly one of the most delicious ham sandwiches I’d ever had. Although, I could feel the richness of it and could feel the thousands of calories permeate my system. I can’t imagine eating that whole meal by myself, which is what Brian said he did the first time. He said he was miserable all afternoon as a result; but it was so good that he thought it was worth every single miserable calorie. LOL.

2012-03-09 13.18.17.jpg

I ordered the coconut curry shrimp special ($8) which was really good, but also really spicy. They are serious about spicy foods in that kitchen. My mouth was on fire. The food was delicious, don’t get me wrong. I’m just a wimp when it comes to spicy foods. If you love spicy foods, I definitely recommend hitting AVI whenever they have the coconut curry shrimp special because you will love it. It’s the perfect blend of shrimp (big ones too, not those teeny tiny ones), shiitake mushrooms and snow peas (it looked snow peas, but I’m not really knowledgeable about veggies because I’m not typically a veggie eater; and I always confuse snow peas with string beans because they look a lot alike). I thought it also had some red pepper, tomato and potato. Everything worked well together and I actually liked the veggies and ate them. I would have finished the entire dish were it not for the inside of my mouth bursting into flames. LOL.

Overall I really liked the look and feel and of the restaurant. The place is decorated like any other chophouse, but I liked the nice touches like the stone wall with the fireplace inset. I thought that was really neat. I liked that the booths were separated by tall walls so as to afford diners some privacy. I also liked that there’s an upper level. It looked like they situated the bar up there, which Brian thought was a great idea because he felt that the drunk people should be separated from people who want to actually eat and enjoy their food. I thought it was good, but then you run the risk of drunk people falling over the railing at the patrons down below. Brian was like, “That’s why they made the railings high. See?” I was like, “Well, the drunk people still have to stumble down the stairs. There’s plenty of opportunity for them to fall over.” Ha ha ha ha.

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We had an enjoyable lunch overall. It felt special because we rarely ever eat out for lunch anymore. Back in the day, we used to go for lunch daily checking out various restaurants downtown. Nowadays I just have a shake at my desk and work over lunch. Brian does the same. I’m actually glad that we don’t eat out for lunch regularly because it saves us both money and calories, but it also makes those times when we do get to eat out for lunch more special. When you do something all the time, you start to take it for granted.

Thank you for taking me to AVI for lunch yesterday, baby! I really enjoyed it. Mwah!

Anthony’s Visit

2012-03-03 19.33.32.jpg

Jenni and Anthony stopped by Fox & Hound on Friday night, but only stayed a few minutes. It was okay because we were meeting them at Oeno the next night. A friend of Jenni’s from work also joined us.

2012-03-03 21.07.26.jpg


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After Oeno we went to John Barleycorn’s to see Skrapyard perform. The two options we gave them last night were the Fabulous Fleshtones at RD’s in Mulvane or Skrapyard at Barleycorns. Jenni and Anthony didn’t feel like driving all the way to Mulvane since Anthony’s hotel was located in the Northeast part of town. Barleycorn’s, on the other hand, was just down the street.

Skrapyard didn’t start playing until after 11 pm, so we ended up staying later than I would have liked. Although, I got to listen to two of my favorite songs and meet Chuck’s girlfriend who seemed really nice, so it was all worthwhile.

Jenni and Anthony were tired and left during Deeds of Man. Brian asked me what time I wanted to leave, but I wasn’t ready yet. We didn’t stay that long after they left, though. As soon as Medicine Man started playing, I told Brian that we could leave once the song was over. But then, they started playing Electric Worry (Clutch cover), which is Brian’s favorite song that they play so we had to stay for that song too. We hurried and left toward the end of the song so as to avoid hearing another song that we might like and then end up staying even later. LOL.

Sancocho Chicken

This has quickly become my most favorite chicken soup of all time. (Go to Sabor in Old Town Square if you want to give it a try. It’s delicious!)

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