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Fuddruckers at Foxwoods

2011-06-30 19.35.55.jpg

2011-06-30 19.35.12.jpg



My grilled chicken sandwich…


Basket of potatoes…


Everyone else got burgers…




The food was okay, but the service was terrible. Everything was a la carte and the staff at the register didn’t know how to do any math. Just ask Jay. When he asked them to explain his total, the girl at the counter chalked it up to taxes. She said that the Connecticut tax is really high. “Four dollars in taxes?” Jay questioned. All the girl could say was that is what the computer says. Afterwards, Jay figured out that the extra cost was partly due to the bacon and mushrooms he added. Why couldn’t they have explained that? Who knows?

People who can’t do math bug me. Unhelpful people who can’t do math bug me even more. So yeah. Don’t bother asking them anything. They won’t be able to explain it to you. They are indifferent and will only make you feel stupid for even asking. Apparently, they’re only good for taking orders and nothing more. Jay said they shouldn’t be at the checkout counter then. They should be put to work doing something else, away from the cash register preferably. What if she is the best they’ve got? Sigh. What is the world coming to?

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Do You Recognize This Burger?

2011-04-28 11.28.55.jpg

Brian and I succumbed to temptation and ate at Five Guys for lunch the other day. We ended up eating there because I had a waxing appointment at Beau Monde over lunch. Five Guys is conveniently located next door. Well, a few doors down.

2011-04-28 11.29.17.jpg

Brian really likes their fries.

2011-04-28 11.28.29.jpg

I had my first “bacon dog” ever. It was different. I kind of liked it.

2011-04-28 11.29.38.jpg

I had a couple of bites of Brian’s bacon cheeseburger. It was both good and bad. Good in that it was tasty and bad in that it will probably take me five sessions of Zumba to burn all of those calories.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries


This has got to be the worst meal that I’d had in a long time. It’s super unhealthy and it was overpriced. Next time I feel the urge to pig out on a fattening burger, I’ll just go to TJ’s. TJ’s still has the best burger in town, I think. Then again, I don’t really know since I haven’t been eating burgers much lately. That’s a good thing.

You want to know the sad thing about the Five Guys meal? We actually drove all the way to Dallas to try it. We’ve had one in town for a while now, but we’d never gotten around to checking it out. It wasn’t until our excursion to Galleria Dallas that we had the opportunity to eat there.

Don’t ask me why, out of all the great places to eat, we ended up eating Five Guys. It was Brian’s idea. =P

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Our First Meal in San Francisco

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Burgers and fries at In-N-Out Burger just behind our hotel.

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Freddy’s Frozen Custard

We celebrated Grandparents’ Day at Freddy’s Frozen Custard on Sunday.


Brian and I usually split a hotdog and a double cheeseburger. It’s the perfect meal for us. The only downside is that you don’t get as much fries when you do a hotdog and burger combo because they take up so much room in the basket. LOL.


Donna had a patty melt and onion rings.


Always save room for dessert. I had a classic turtle with bananas. Yum!

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